Consistent Quality, Single Estate
100% Kona Coffee

We have unique growing conditions on each of our five farms on over 100 acres. Elevation, rainfall and shade grown under Macadamia Nut, Ohia trees or grown in full Sun all adds to the Flavor in your cup. Like a fine varietal wine, we want you to experience and taste their distinctive flavors. Wine, for instance, has 400 distinct ‘characteristics’ for your palette, yet coffee has 800. So if you think wine tastings are interesting and complex, enjoy the fun in our tasting room!

100% Kona Coffee

Estate Grown 100% Kona, 100% Kona, or 10% Kona?

The term “Estate Grown 100% Kona” means the coffee beans are from one Single Estate farm on which is grown and graded as: Extra Fancy, Fancy, #1, Prime or Peaberry Grades according to their size, shape, moisture content and number of defects.

The term “100% Kona Coffee” could mean that coffee is mixed with beans from farms at higher or lower elevations and grown under different conditions within the Kona District.

The term “10% Kona” means that as little as 10% is grown in the Kona District, and 90% of unknown origin, grade and could be an imitation. How can over 20 million pounds of coffee per year be sold labeled as “Kona” coffee when only 7.2 million pounds of coffee per year are grown in the Kona District?

The “Peaberry” bean is unique and sought after because it only represents 5-7% of the entire crop-it has up to 50% more caffeine and is considered the “Champagne!”

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