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Our Buddha’s Cup family produces High Mountain Grown 100% Kona Coffee and Tea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Come visit us on your next trip to Hawaii and experience our Five-Farm Plantation Visitor Center with a unique plantation tour.

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Buddha’s Sanctuary, LLC Ohana is committed to a healthy bio-diverse ecosystem from seed to cup and represents five Estate coffee labels, each with a unique flavor and roast. Just like fine wine, each region or microclimate of Kona District and Hawaii District has a unique characteristics and flavor profile. The unique Āina and quality it provides is the spirit we share with you!

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Buddha’s Cup is Single Origin, Single Estate high mountain shade grown Arabica Typica, hand selected and sun dried on the edge of the Ancient Kahalu’u Ohia Forest. AVPA – Paris 4th Place, competing with 38 Estates from around the World and 1st Place in the Kona Cupping Classic Competition.

Flavor Notes

Buddha's Cup Tasting Notes

Imagine 100% Kona coffee is hand selected Single Origin, Single Estate high mountain shade grown Arabica Typica under Macadamia nut trees. Rated 95, by Sherri Johns, President of Whole Cup Coffee Consulting, LLC, it is Kona District’s highest prestigious score!

Flavor Notes

Imagine Tasting Notes

Kona Kulana Coffee is Single Origin, Single Estate hand selected high mountain grown Arabica coffee. Kona Kulana is the first two-time winner of the Gevalia Kona Cupping Classic Competition and Gold Medal Winner Chef’s Choice.

Flavor Notes

Kona Kulana Tasting Notes

Kona Gold is Single Origin Single Estate high mountain shade grown Arabica Coffee under Macadamia nut trees, Ohia trees in full sun. Kona Gold winner of the Kona Cupping Crown Competition has been served in Paris and London. Kona Gold Bakery features a variety of local flavored rum cakes made with authentic Hawaiian craft gold and dark rum.

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Kona Gold Tasting Notes

Manny’s Brew is grown on the Hilo side of the Big Island in “Hawaii District” and is Single Origin, Single Estate. The Varieties include pink and yellow Caturras, Red Bourbon, Americana, Molokai Peaberry and Arabica Typica Dwarf. Manny’s Brew is a two-time 1st place winner of the Statewide HCA Cupping Competition.

Flavor Notes

Manny's Brew Flavor Notes