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From the Heart of Kona Country to the Streets of Paris

Coffee Producer Takes Home Three Metals at Recent AVPA Coffee Competition

PARIS, France-- Just announced, Kona coffee producers, Buddha’s Cup, have yet again outdone themselves at the 4th Annual International “Locally Roasted Coffees” Competition held by the Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA) Paris Gourmet 2018; three out of five estates where entered, and all three have placed.

The Paris-located competition is led by panel of judges assembled from countries all over the world. This careful effort to select a jury comprised of diverse cultural backgrounds is made with the understanding that all tastes and preferences vary from place to place. The AVPA seeks to facilitate a competition that is inclusive of every worldview, roasting process, and taste bud.

As each competition passes, the global coffee community evolves in appreciation and practice of locally grown and roasted beans. With attentiveness comparable to that of wine and olive growers, meticulous producers from every country are bringing about the emergence of a true “coffeeological” awareness. Consumers now desire an elevated coffee-drinking experience, and are willing to pay for the quality and pleasure produced from finding their perfect flavor.

This year placing in multiple categories, Buddha’s Cup’s Single Origin beans have impressed AVPA Paris Gourmet Judges, bringing home two silver medals, and one gold. Their original Buddha’s Cup Medium Roast, winning silver, roused judges with its floral notes of vanilla and honey. This flavor has a history with the AVPA Local Roasted Coffees competition, placing 4th in years prior. The Kona Gold Medium Roast is grown under Macadamia nut trees, Ohia trees in full sun, took home another silver medal, outdoing the competition with velvety flavors of butter and chocolate. Last but not least, Imagine, a medium roast, inspired the jury with its notes of nuts, caramel, and creme brulee. The roast was so well received that it took home the AVPA Paris Gourmet 2018 Gold Medal. The three medal-winning coffees are the first UV-B infused coffees in the world with the Blu Room UV-B process being conducted at Buddha’s Sanctuary of Holualoa in Hawaii.

Visit the Buddha’s Cup estate on the Big Island of Hawaii, and experience for yourself the care and compassion this producer puts into every bean, all the way from seed to cup.