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Enjoying Different Varieties of Tea Throughout the Year



Tea originated in ancient China and quickly spread across the country and eventually around the world. Today, it is a sacred beverage globally, playing a big role in different cultural ceremonies and rituals.

At Buddha’s Cup, we want you to experience the best that teas have yet to offer.

Exploring the Best Varieties of Tea for Every Season

Your tea choice often matches the season. Enjoy a warm cup of black tea on a chilly winter day or cool off with iced tea in the summer heat. As temperatures rise, cold-brewed tea becomes a favorite, and when autumn returns, herbal teas are perfect for the cool air.

Find your perfect tea with us.

Winter Warmers: Rich and Robust Teas for Chilly Days

The quickest way to warm up in the middle of winter is by having a warm drink.

Here are our top picks for cozy teas:

  • Chai: A black chai filled with spices, and mixed with warm milk is perfect to fight off the chills.
  • Ginger tea: Ginger is a superfood, boosting your immunity to help fight off winter colds.
  • Rich, black teas: A deep, bold flavor that can be easily enhanced by adding spices makes the perfect winter treat.

Springtime Sips: Light and Floral Teas to Welcome the Season

Spring is ideal for floral and fruity teas or the medium flavors of oolong. It's also a great time to host afternoon tea parties. If it's warm, consider taking your tea party outdoors with some iced tea. For cooler days, a warm cup of earthy matcha provides comforting warmth.

Summer Coolers: Refreshing and Iced Teas for Hot Days

Beat the summer heat with a refreshing glass of iced tea.

Brew it hot to create a concentrate, then dilute it with cold water and ice, or try cold brewing by steeping tea in the fridge before serving.

Another fun method is sun tea, where you let the tea brew in the sun for six hours.

Enjoy any type of tea from Buddha’s Cup in these cool forms.

Summer is perfect for outdoor tea parties, so complement your iced tea with mini sandwiches and pastries.

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Tea Suited to Every Mood

Drinking tea is a great experience, offering a variety to match every mood and season. Warm up with spiced tea in the winter, or cool down with iced tea during summers.

Seasonal Comfort: Tea's Warming Embrace in Winter

In countries with relentless cold weather, like Russia, drinking hot tea is a cherished tradition. You don’t need to live in Siberia to join in. Many ideal winter teas, like lemon ginger, are soothing and medicinal, keeping you healthy.

Summer Serenity: Tea's Cool Refreshment for Hot Days

No one craves a warm cup of tea when temperatures are rising, so it's essential to find tea blends that complement ice and smoothly quench the overpowering heat. Summer teas are versatile; any type of tea can be iced, making it easy to find your perfect chilled brew.

Mood-Enhancing Brews: Tailoring Tea to Your Emotional Needs

Tea is packed with antioxidants, making it an excellent supplement for your immune system, cognitive function, and gut health.

Beyond these physical benefits, tea has calming and energizing properties.

Chamomile is great for soothing anxiety and depression, and it also helps improve sleep quality.

Matcha, a variety of green tea, contains caffeine and can help improve your mood.

When choosing teas, evaluate your emotional state and carefully identify what you need. Then, research the various types of teas and their healing properties.

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Year-Round Delight: Discovering Tea's Versatility Across Seasons

Tea is a beverage that can be enjoyed in any season, regardless of the climate you live in. Incorporate tea into your everyday life by building rituals and routines around brewing.

Whether you start chilly winter mornings by warming up mugs and infusing tea or break up your summer afternoons with a chilled glass of iced tea, you can create your own tea-drinking traditions.

Enjoy a Variety of Tea

Moreover, tea is an incredibly versatile beverage, perfect for enjoying all year round. No matter your preference, there's tea out there for you to savor every day. Each cup offers a unique blend of flavors and aromas, along with physical and mental benefits.

Ready to discover the perfect tea for every season and mood? Contact us today.


Can I enjoy tea all year round?

Yes! Your preferences will probably change based on the climate, from warm, rich dark teas in winter to icey-cold, flowery teas in the summer.

What should I drink during the chilly winter months?

We recommend spicy chai prepared with warm milk, ginger tea, peppermint tea, and rich black teas to warm up during winter days.

What springtime teas should I indulge in?

Light and floral teas are perfect for spring, while oolong teas create the perfect medium balance between the cold and warm days.

How can I make iced tea for the summer?

Iced tea can be made by brewing first with hot water and creating a concentrate to mix with cold water, cold-brewing, or making sun tea by using the sun’s heat to brew.