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Manny’s Brew and Imagine Take Home Three Medals from Paris Taste Competition




FRANCE — the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products in Paris has awarded three placements to Manny’s Brew White Tea, Manny’s Brew Hilo Coffee, and Imagine UltraViolet Blu Light Infused coffee. This prestigious organization of producers and enthusiasts evaluates agricultural products like tea and coffee based on quality and taste in an effort to bring recognition to products and producers that would otherwise be lost in the crowded market. AVPA is a nonprofit, non-government organization that’s passionate about creating and maintaining a verifiable standard of excellence. From a consumer perspective, these medals signify a third-party verification of quality. Though the competition takes place in Paris, France, the judges’ panel is made up of people from all over the globe who have different cultures and culinary preferences. An AVPA medal is a symbol that the product is of a quality that’s pleasing to a wide variety of people and that very few will not enjoy it. Manny’s Brew and Imagine were honored to accept the two bronze and one silver medal for their dedication to quality and flavor discovery. 

The three medals awarded were bronze to Manny’s Brew White Tea, bronze to Manny’s Brew Hilo Coffee, and silver to Imagine Medium Blu Light. Manny’s Brew White Tea is a gentle blend of the young and minimally-processed leaves of the camellia Sinensis plant. Sinensis is the most commonly used plant in the beverage industry, but the unique and spartan processing of Manny’s Brew White Tea is what makes its flavor and depth so appealing.

Manny’s Brew Hilo Hawaiian Medium Roast Coffee is an award-winning Grower’s Choice coffee. The Brand grows five species of coffee trees in order to create the best possible coffee experience in every cup. Their coffee and tea are grown on the Hilo side of Hawaii in the “Hawaiian District”. They are single origin, single estate products, meaning the flavor is not compromised by a mixture of beans or leaves from multiple locations and multiple growing strategies. They are a two-time winner of the Hawaii Coffee Association’s Cupping Competition.

The brew that took home the silver medal was Imagine 100% Kona Coffee Ultraviolet Light Infused Medium Blu. By combining biodynamic farming techniques with advanced agricultural technology, including the use of UVB light, Imagine is able to capture a softer tasting profile that’s perfect for those with sensitive stomachs or who enjoy a smoother coffee. Imagine Medium Blu was a big hit across the judges’ panel due to its agreeability with virtually any palette.

To see for yourself what makes Manny’s Brew and Imagine so different from the average coffee or tea, or to sample the AVPA winners for yourself, come visit the Buddha’s Cup estate, located on the Big Island of Hawaii. There, you can taste the various flavors available and discover what true dedication to the art of tea and coffee looks like. Going home, you’ll take with you an appreciation for the diversity of tea and coffee and perhaps a new favorite flavor.