What to Expect on a Coffee Tour

Try a sip of real estate-grown 100% Kona coffee, and you might just have to visit the farm for yourself. Fortunately, several coffee farms on Kona provide tours and tastings, including Buddha’s Cup (one of the highest-rated coffees and tours on the island). Coffee tours are a must-do on your Hawaii vacation. Here’s what to expect on a coffee tour in Kona:

 What to Expect on a Coffee Tour

Why Go on a Coffee Tour in Kona

It’s no secret that Kona produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Located along a small stretch of land across the Hualalai volcano, this special place is steeped (pun intended) in culture and history. Even if you aren’t a big fan of coffee, you are sure to love the scenery, the history, and the adventure of a Kona coffee farm tour.

The Drive

The drive along the highway to the famed “Kona Belt” is a delightfully scenic drive. Visitors will love driving through quaint villages, like Holualoa, and looking down at the coast 1,000 feet below. At Buddha’s Cup’s farm, visitors get to drive up a steep Hawaii mountain road that winds through lush forests of native Ohia trees. When you arrive at the farm, take a deep breath of the cool mountain air, and don’t forget to turn around and enjoy the view at 2300 feet!

The Tour

A quality Kona coffee farm tour should offer a warm welcome with Aloha, greeting you upon arrival. Your guide should be able to answer your questions, and give a quick talk about the farm’s history and any awards won. Your coffee farm guide should also have extensive knowledge of coffee tree farming and bean processing.

Coffee Plantation

A nice stroll along the rows of coffee trees is a wonderful part of a coffee tour. There is just something so peaceful about walking among the trees, especially when they’re in full bloom, or laden with coffee “cherries.” This is also a good opportunity to learn about the life cycle of the coffee tree.

Coffee Processing

The harvesting, drying and roasting process of coffee beans is a fascinating part of any coffee tour, and visitors can enjoy seeing every step, including:

  • Harvesting and sorting
  • Fermenting
  • Dry Milling
  • Roasting

Tasting & Gift Shop

Everyone looks forward to a tasty sampling of the different types of coffee grown and roasted at the farm, and the tour guide should provide an explanation about each one (At Buddha’s Cup coffee farm, our peaberry and Imagine coffees are big favorites). Some farms, like Buddha’s Cup, also offer tasty samples of rum cakes, macadamia nuts, and local honey.

Other Coffee Farm Tour Tips


  • If you want to time your tour to see the coffee trees in full bloom, try to schedule some time in January-February.
  • If you want to time your tour to see the bright red coffee beans, try to schedule some time in August-January.
  • Kona coffee farms are located at higher elevations, with cooler temperatures and frequent afternoon rains. Be sure to dress accordingly.
  • Some coffee farms, like Buddha’s Cup, also offer off-road Polaris tours around the property.

Buddha’s Cup is a proud multi-award winner for its coffee, as well as one of the highest-rated coffee farm tours on the island. If you want to take a tour around our coffee farm, we encourage you to call ahead of time for the best possible experience.