Buddha’s Cup Wins First Place Crown Division Award For Imagine 100% Kona Coffee



We are excited to announce that Imagine 100% Kona Coffee by Buddha's Cup just recently took home the first-place award in the Crown Division for the 2022 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival. It’s our honor to be a part of such influential events that celebrate the sacred nature of coffee cultivation in Hawaii’s rich roots.

To commemorate our most recent acknowledgement, we will dive deeper into the 2022 Kona Coffee Cultural Festival and our award-winning Imagine Coffee. Keep reading to learn more about Buddha’s Cup's most recent competition.

Everything You Need To Know About the 2022 Kona Coffee Fest:

This annual Cultural Coffee Festival has strict guidelines and regulations on the coffee included in the competition. All coffee entered must be approved as 100% Kona coffee that’s grown in the district of Kona.

The competition coffees are scored on the globally accepted Specialty Coffee Association cupping format and scoring method. Every coffee tasting is evaluated through double-blind processing, ensuring the quality and assurance of the final results.

The Kona Crown Division, where Buddha’s Cup took first place, is designated by Ueshima Coffee Company. This division is exclusively reserved for larger operations, as entries require a minimum of 500 pounds of HDOA-certified raw coffee beans. It’s of great esteem that we were chosen as the number one placeholder in such a competitive category.

What You Can Expect From Buddha’s Cup Imagine Coffee:

Our Imagine 100% Kona Coffee is a hand-selected single origination Arabica Typica grown under Macadamia nut trees. The President of Whole Cup Coffee Consulting, LLC, Sherri Johns, rated this blend at 95, which is our most prestigious score yet!

The AVPA Gold Medal Award Winner is a rich, sweet and multidimensional coffee variety. Many of our customers enjoy drinking it as a fresh pour-over or espresso, which enhances the flavor notes of caramel, creme brulee, and nutty undertones. Our medium-roast coffee is the perfect everyday blend for anyone that enjoys a tasty and fresh cup of joe. It is now the first-place winner of the Crown Division Kona Coffee Cultural Festival 2022!

Celebrate The Holidays With Buddha’s Cup Award-Winning Coffee

As we move into the end of this year, we are so grateful for all the prestige and acknowledgement that Buddha’s Cup has received in 2022. It has been a fantastic gift to pour so much love and diligence into our craft. Being recognized by our customers is enough, but being rewarded by some of the most renowned coffee experts just furthers our mission of creating ethical, one-of-a-kind coffee blends.

If you want to celebrate your loved ones this holiday season, give them the gift of 100% Pure Kona Coffee, grown using biodynamic farming techniques. Any coffee or tea lovers in your life would love to sip on the renowned flavors of Buddhas Cup beverages! We are thankful for every one of you that plays a role in our success.