Buddha’s Cup Wins Gourmet Bronze Award at the 2022 AVPA


Imagine 100% Kona coffee won the bronze medal award in the 8th international contest for coffee roasted at origin. Every year this contest is hosted by the AVPA in Paris, where over 200 global coffees are tasted in two distinct parts: espresso or unfiltered infusion.

AVPA, also known as the Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products, is passionate about supporting coffee producers that take responsibility for their local origin roasting. In this article, we will explore more about the AVPA contest and the award-winning Imagine brand.

The 2022 AVPA Coffee Roasted at Origin Competition

This year the jury of the competition was hosted by Alice Juguet, including over 200 coffee blends from 25 countries spanning four continents. The professional jury of tasters tested espresso and unfiltered coffee infusions, ranking the winners among four different medals: gold, silver, bronze, and gourmet.

All AVPA Coffee Roasted at Origin contestants have to guarantee the traceability of their coffees to participate in the contest. In many coffee-production countries, more green coffee is being consumed by roasting it on-site. In AVPA’s opinion, this is a valuable asset in the coffee industry that they wish to support and expand over the years.

All coffees, including arabicas, robustas, washed, plain, honey, and more, are accepted. These traditional classifications are paired with new categories created by the AVPA related to roasted coffees offered in the country of origin.

The International Contest that took place on December 15th at the Brazilian Embassy in Paris was hosted virtually online, as well as in person. If you are interested in watching live footage of the competition, you can find the full video here.

Buddha’s Cup Dry Natural Coffee Takes Home a Gourmet Medal

Buddha’s Sanctuary LLC presented our classic Buddha’s Cup Dry Natural Coffee to the AVPA Contest. We are proud to have won the esteemed gourmet medal for our coffee blend, outcompeting many esteemed coffee brands.

Here at Buddha’s Sanctuary, we have five different coffee farms grown on the same estate. Although our beans grow in close proximity to one another, they each taste different due to varying conditions, such as the trees they grow under and the unique elevation of the region.

Our beans are grown in small batches, sundried, and hand-picked. We put our love and dedication into everything we do at Buddha’s Sanctuary, which is why it’s such an amazing honor when we are recognized for our coffee quality.

We want to thank AVPA Paris for granting us the bronze medal award, and we also want to thank all of you for your continued support. In 2022, we have had amazing opportunities to grow our outreach and business with the help of international recognition.

We are glad that our coffee stands out and hope it becomes a part of your daily routines in 2023! If you want to shop our award-winning coffee, make sure to explore all that we have to offer at Buddha’s Cup. For anyone that wants to learn more about us, you can also check out the short AVPA’s Paris video on our business!