Buddha’s Cup Wins Four Awards at the World Coffee Challenge 2022

border Buddha’s Cup Wins Four Awards at the World Coffee Challenge 2022 Why Single-origin Coffee is Better for You

We are excited to announce that Buddha’s Cup recently won four awards at the World Coffee Challenge 2022. We are honored that four out of our five brands were recognized and honored with prestigious titles this year. This coffee-focused competition celebrates coffee producers, instead of baristas or roasters alone. The competition strives to bridge the gap between producer and consumer while promoting coffee as a finished terroir product.

We are elated to share our results and dive deeper into a short background about the World Coffee Challenge!

Buddha’s Cup Awards - World Coffee Challenge 2022

Best Espresso Arabica Award
1st Place Winner: Espresso Arabica — Buddha’s Sanctuary, Kona Gold Trading Co
2nd Place Winner: Espresso Arabica — Buddha’s Sanctuary, Kona Kulana Farms

Best Coffee of North America Awards
1st Place Winner: North America — Buddha’s Sanctuary, Imagine UVB
2nd Place Winner: North America — Buddha’s Sanctuary, Buddha’s Cup Dry Natural Cherry Blossom

Excerpt from World Coffee Challenge:

“Congratulations to Buddha’s Cup for their impressive success at the World Coffee Challenge 2022. Four of their five coffees have won an award! Among them, the Best Espresso Arabica, which very well may be one of the most significant awards. They also won the Best Coffee of North America. A performance which has been enjoyed by the visitors of the fair who were very intrigued by the originality of the coffee bags and absolutely wanted to have a taste.”

More About The World Coffee Challenge 2022

The World Coffee Challenge is open to all global coffee producers, regardless of type or national origin, as long as it’s roasted at its origin. All contestants must prove that coffee is linked to an identifiable coffee territory and that roasting occurs in the local area. The challenge organizer assigns a jury of 5 to 6 members. Tasters include coffee professionals, such as baristas or distributors, and taste professionals, like sensory analysts and chefs. The chair head this year was Mercedes González, an expert in sensory analysis who oversees all final results.

All coffees are made on-site to maintain temperature, brewing style, cupping method, water volume, infusion time, and grinding size. Each coffee is tasted anonymously so there is no brand-bias present in the final decisions. Every member of the jury rates the coffee post-tasting on a scale of 1-10. The ballets are then compiled to determine the winners for each category.

We Are Dedicated to Creating the Best Tasting Kona Coffee!

It is of large prestige that we were chosen for these four awards in the World Coffee Challenge 2022. We appreciate the organization's dedication to educating the public about coffee roasted at origin and its organoleptic qualities. They also encourage local initiatives that promote enhanced quality, social, and environmental practices.

All of these factors are important to our team here at Buddha’s Cup and are an integral part of our business initiative. Growing 100% Kona coffee using pesticide-free biodynamic farming is not only our job; it’s our passion. If you haven’t already, we would love for you to taste the award-winning flavors of our Buddha’s Cup coffees; now officially taste-tested, chosen, and approved by industry professionals!

Shop our award-winning coffee today!

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