Kona Gold’s Chocolate Bar Wins Diplôme Gourmet In The Avpa-paris Competition



About The Chocolate

We’ve spent the past 2 decades producing award winning coffee, tea and delicious rum cakes. Now, we’re honored to add artisan chocolate bars to our esteemed list of Kona Gold products. Our farm, located in Kona, Hawaii is now renowned for growing cacao.

Our unique growing region, high elevation, and rich volcanic land are the influences that make our cacao world-class. It is our mission to share it with the world.

Our producer, Manny Ochoa, has been recognized by the AVPA for coffee and tea and takes great care in producing the cacao. He started planting in his nursery 3 years ago with over 2,000 trees and has grown more each year. Great attention to detail and small batch fermentation result in a quality found nowhere else in the world.

Kona Gold offers chocolate in two varieties, the Hawaiian Cacao Chocolate Bar - a 2 oz artisanal chocolate bar, made up of 85% cacao, and the Hawaiian Cacao Chocolate Bar With Vanilla & Kona Coffee - made up of 83% cacao.

2ND International Contest
Chocolates Processed at Origin» AVPA-Paris 2022

The 2nd edition of the International Contest “Chocolates processed at origin” AVPA-Paris was a huge success! Close to 200 chocolates were entered in the competition, ranging from almost thirty countries. Contenders from three continents producing cocoa and making chocolate outside Europe participated, including Africa, America and Asia.

All candidates are either cocoa farmers processing their own cocoa to make chocolate or local chocolatiers who organized a network of cocoa growers in their country to offer chocolates of excellence on both the national and international markets.

The chocolates were divided into the following categories:

  • Dark chocolates without adjuvant or additive with a Technical Jury presided by Chloé Doutre-Roussel
  • Various chocolates: dark chocolates with adjuvant or additive, milk chocolates, chocolates with various ingredients, chocolate candies, etc. with a Technical Jury presided by par Pascale Adeline.
  • The Gastronomic Jury then had several sessions presided by Emmanuelle de Beauregard.

For this second 2022 edition, the enthusiasm of the jurors was maintained to classify and order the samples to taste them in the fairest way, and the quality of chocolates improved notably in balance and texture.

The Winners

A total of 51 awards were attributed with 4 “Gourmet Or” (gold) - Indonesia, Mexico, Peru and Sao Tomé, 9 “Gourmet Argent” (silver) - Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Peru and Sao Tomé, 12 “Gourmet Bronze” (bronze) - Guatemala, Honduras, Indonesia, Madagascar, Peru, Salvador and Sao Tomé, and 27 “Diplôme Gourmet” (Gourmet diploma).

We are proud to officially announce that Kona Gold’s Hawaiian Cacao Chocolate Bar has been awarded “Diplôme Gourmet”.

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