Kona Snow and Coffee Flowering



If you ever find yourself in the Kona coffee belt of Hawaii between the months of February and April, you’ll have the privilege to witness the blossoming white flowers of the coffee tree. In this small region, beautiful flowers bloom from the waxy green coffee leaves before later turning into red cherries, which create the beans for our Kona coffee blends.

Since Kona Snow is such a rarity, people will travel from around the world to witness the aromatic and floral views. In this article, we will discuss more about the wonderful mystery of Kona Snow!

The Importance of Kona Snow

For many coffee growers in the Kona region, Kona Snow is an exciting sign that the red cherries will be ready for coffee harvesting in just a few months. Kona Snow is an integral stage in the coffee growing and production process, signaling that it will be a fruitful year ahead for Kona coffee.

While coffee growers look forward to this season, the beautiful prestige is also appreciated by people far and wide that come to tour the area every year. It’s a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience to view the coffee farms during the blooming season, especially since you can enjoy the sweet fragrant smell.

The Relationship Between Kona Snow and Bees

During the coffee flowering season, the bees buzz around the region flying between their hive and the flowers. Thanks to the amazing power of the local bees, they pollinate the coffee blossoms, supporting Hawaii’s bustling Kona coffee market.

Due to the coffee blossoms, the honey that’s created from Kona Snow flowers is more fragrant than traditional honey. Many coffee growers will harvest the honey, selling it to customers as Coffee blossom honey. It’s an amazing treat to taste Kona Coffee Blossom honey as you'll experience the subtle flavors of jasmine and neroli.

We Cherish Our Ecosystem From Seed to Cup

Although honey bees are not native to Hawaii, they play an integral role in the biodiversity of the region, which is something we take very seriously as Kona coffee growers. We believe in sustaining the natural ecosystem of the land, including our coffee plants and bees, as well as other plants and animals.

Our team is always eager to discover new ways to show reverence for our land and daily activities on the farm. Our love for 100% Kona coffee always comes back for a deep admiration of the local region, and we will continuously protect the islands and natural environment through our coffee growing and production processes.