Moderately Adventurous Visits The Farm



Moderately Adventurous Visits The Farmhoney coffee

In late February, Buddha’s Cup proudly hosted travel blogger Hanna Ashcraft of Moderately Adventurous. Hanna visited the farm at the beginning of coffee season when Kona coffee ‘blooms’ little white flowers, a phenomenon the locals call ‘Kona snow.’ Hanna opted for a deluxe coffee tasting and sampled five of the farms’ most delicious offerings, along with some sweet treats.

Down on the Farm

We think Hanna herself said it best: “If you drink coffee and are visiting the Big Island of Hawaii, you must visit a coffee farm to taste real Kona coffee!” There really is no substitute for farm-fresh coffee beans right from the tree. It’s the coffee equivalent of going to a free-range farm and making an omelet from a just-laid egg. 

Each coffee sample in the deluxe tasting corresponds with one of Buddha’s Sanctuary’s five farms. If they’re so inclined, guests can take a tour around the 80-acre plantation to visit those farms. The tours are taken on ATVs, led by our friendly and knowledgeable guides. You may even be joined by some of our curious farm animals—including horses, goats, and parrots, to name a few - as you explore the property!

But it was raining—a common occurrence on the Big Island—so Hanna elected to head indoors to sample the goods. There, she was met by her guide, a lifelong coffee aficionado with an encyclopedic knowledge of the products they were about to sample.

We should also note that health is very important to us, and now more than ever. As much as Buddha’s Cup is passionate about coffee, we are even more passionate about the safety of our customers and employees. That’s why all tours and tastings are subject to careful and rigorous COVID-19 precautions. Hanna’s tasting was pre-booked, as all guest tastings are by appointment only.

The Taste of Deluxe

Hanna and her guide sat in the main foyer by the open window, catching the fresh breeze off the mountain . She told her guide she preferred a light roast with minimal acidity, so her guide obligingly went to grind some options for her - but not without first pouring Hanna a glass of light and floral hibiscus tea.

The guide soon returned with a simple pour-over filtration system, a carafe of hot water, and the fresh-ground beans for Hanna to sample. Meticulously, she poured out five perfect and precise cups of coffee. Each color-coded sample featured beans picked from one of Buddha’s Cup’s five farms. Moderately Adventurous Visits The Farm

Hanna sampled:

  • Red - Buddha’s Cup
  • Purple - Imagine
  • Green - Kona Kulana Farms
  • Yellow - Kona Gold Coffee
  • Blue - Manny’s Brew

Each cup came along with a sweet treat designed to match the coffee’s dynamic flavor profile. Hanna loved the Imagine brew, and actually bought a half-pound of Imagine medium-roast beans to take home with her! She also commented on the beauty of Kona-Kulana that she witnessed on her drive up the hill, the pleasant, laid-back atmosphere of the tasting, and of course, the delicious coffee served up by her incredible guide.

For only $20, the five-flight deluxe tasting—plus snacks—simply can’t be beaten. Book your tour today!