Shade Grown Coffee Benefits

A good cup of coffee is one of the simple pleasures of life. When you drink a cup of Kona coffee, you are enjoying the culmination of years of a tree’s growth and cherry ripening. The quality of your cup of coffee depends on the specific way that Kona is grown. Kona coffee is generally shade grown, which means that it is grown among native shade trees. Sun grown coffee plantations require that forests be cut down and coffee planted for faster ripening and easier harvesting. Shade grown coffee, though slower to mature, is becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Keep reading for the benefits of shade grown coffee.

Healthier for the environment

Coffee grown in the shade of other native plants creates a harmonious micro climate and richer soil for the coffee plants. Shade grown coffee is more natural and actually helps all parts of the environment, like soil quality, animals and the pollination process.

Natural growth environment

Coffee is an undergrowth tree, meaning it grows best in the shade. Taller trees like breadfuit, avocado, Koa and Ohia grow naturally with coffee and create the upper canopy the coffee trees need to thrive. These shade trees also create a nitrogen balance in the soil which makes for healthier coffee plants.

Slower maturation rate = better taste

On sun grown coffee plantations, the constant exposure to sun shortens the maturation rate. The sun ripens coffee beans quickly and allows for a faster turnaround and more production. On the other hand, shade grown coffee ripens slower. Shade grown coffee produces also more natural sugars and enhances the taste. In fact, many coffee tasters favor the caramelized, sweeter notes in shade grown coffee.

Fewer chemicals, more birds

Shade grown coffee is less susceptible to pests and other growth issues. The need for pesticides and chemical fertilizers decreases dramatically with shade grown coffee. Harmful chemicals are obviously bad for the environment, but also reduce the quality of the coffee itself.

Shade grown coffee is also bird friendly. Sun grown coffee destroys migratory birds’ natural habitats and has decreased their population dramatically. When you buy shade grown coffee, you support the preservation and regrowth of a natural habitat for birds.

Holistically better coffee

We follow nature’s lead to cultivate the best Kona coffee. We are proud to grow quality, shade grown Kona coffee. If you want to taste coffee exactly the way nature intended it, try our shade grown Kona beans.