What makes Kona Coffee so Special?

Walk into any grocery store, and the coffee choices promise to overwhelm you. Starbucks to Dunkin’ Donuts. Maxwell House to Folgers. All guaranteeing a good-to-the-last drop brew in your kitchen. What makes Kona coffee so special? Why should you bypass these other options and choose 100% Kona coffee when shopping for your morning pick-me-up?

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Ideal Growing Conditions

Authentic Kona coffee beans grow on the Big Island of Hawaii along the slopes of the Hualalai and Mauna Loa volcanoes. The afternoon rains, high elevations, ideal light, and temperature of this area produce the perfect conditions for Kona coffee beans to thrive. And the happier the coffee trees, the better the coffee.

Hand-Picked for Consistent Flavor

Grown on sloping hillsides, the Kona coffee beans require handpicking. Machinery fails to navigate the terrain well. This means farmers pick the beans at the peak of ripeness and flavor. No bitter, unripe beans allowed. Handpicking translates to robust flavor in every cup.

Single Origin Quality

Kona coffee beans labeled “Estate Grown” or “Single-Origin” grow and process on one farm. From planting to harvest, drying to packaging, the same farmer watches the entire process, guaranteeing uniform quality.

Graded to Deliver Great Taste

Coffee packaged in the Kona District must be graded by the Hawaii Department of Agriculture (HDA). The top five grades of Kona ensure a quality cup of joe based on the size, shape, moisture and rarity of the beans used. Hawaii guarantees it!

Custom Roasting for the Perfect Roast

After being sun dried, Kona coffee beans go through a slow, custom roasting process. The moisture of the beans determines the best drying times. And, diligent Hawaiian farmers ensure perfection in the roast. Both dark and medium roasts cater to your flavor preferences.

Unique Taste, Texture and Aroma

Coffee connoisseurs describe the bold taste of Kona coffee as “clean and sweet” with a “creamy, smooth” texture. A medium body with a hint of chocolatey flavor compliments the earthy undertones. And, a mildly nutty aftertaste replaces the bitterness of other strong coffees.

Is Kona Coffee So Special?

Made from the same Arabica beans of other countries, one might question the uniqueness or special quality of Kona coffee. However, the unique growing conditions and diligence of farmers from planting to packaging yield a taste, texture and aroma which stand out — and earn Kona coffee its reputation of being one of the best in the world.

Visit us at our Kona coffee farm to try a cup of these special Kona beans, or order a bag online! Your morning is sure to be forever changed.