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Why 100% Kona Coffee Is The Best

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Why 100% Kona Coffee Is The Best
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Coffee is in high demand, as for most people it’s a staple when starting their mornings or can be used for extra energy throughout the day. Every type of coffee has a distinct taste, depending on the variety and several other factors, but nothing beats the taste of 100% Kona coffee.

While some coffee has a deep, dark refreshing taste, others can be lighter, and more sweet, and will plunge your taste buds into a heaven of flavor. One such kind is the Hawaiian Kona coffee.

A greater percentage of cultivated coffee in Hawaii is this variety. As of today, Kona coffee is one of the major exports of the island.

What Is Kona Coffee?

This is a variety of coffee bean (coffee arabica) that is grown only in Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii. This part of Hawaii has the optimum climatic conditions that are most favorable for the growth of the bean.

Plants blossom in six months, from January to June, and shed in the summer to reveal green fruits that carry the beans. When the bean is mature and ready, the fruit turns red and cherry-like.

How The Coffee Is Made

  • Pick the fruits. Use a pulper to remove the bean from the fruit.
  • The beans will be placed in the fermentation tank for 24 hours.
  • Rinse the seeds and dry them for one to two weeks.
  • Store the seeds in a parchment. Make sure they are effectively dried to prevent the growth of mycotoxins.
  • The seeds (the pure Kona coffee) are classified according to their quality. The highest quality beans are used for Kona coffee.

What Makes Kona Coffee Unique

Ask any coffee lover and they will tell you the same thing: Kona coffee is unique. But why? What makes Kona coffee distinct from the other varieties?


Kona coffee has a noticeable creamy, and easily recognized taste that makes it a delicious brew. A lot of factors make this possible.

If you’re using pure Kona Coffee Beans and roasting it properly, the coffee tastes like a heavenly blend of sweetness. You’ll detect things like fruit, sugar, chocolate, honey, dates, milk, and sometimes you can even taste a hint of sweet wine.

Factors such as the well-drained volcanic soils and geography have played a part in preserving this unique taste.


Kona coffee is grown in only one place in the entire world. As a result, it is the rarest coffee in existence.


Farmers have tried to cultivate the same variety from generation to generation. Kona coffee has been cultivated without cross-breeding with other coffees to preserve its distinct taste.


More of the geographic aid nature has given to this plant. Because of the slopes of western Kona, the soil is well-drained and never marshy. Coffee grows exceptionally in this well-drained soil.

What Are Kona Blends?

Due to Kona coffee's limited supply, it is very expensive. It’s because of this high price tag that coffee sellers have created Kona blends.

Kona blends are a mixture of Kona coffee and other varieties, like Brazilian or Colombian coffee. The mixing proportions vary, but most times, it will contain a greater amount of the cheaper coffee bean.

Standard Kona blends are made up of ninety percent foreign coffee and ten percent Kona coffee.

While this helps with the price, it tampers with the rich, one hundred percent Kona coffee taste.

The amount of Kona Coffee Beans determines how creamy the blend will be.

How Are Kona Blends Different From 100% Pure Kona Coffee?

One hundred percent Kona coffee consists of only pure Kona coffee beans . These are usually more expensive and definitely better tasting. Kona blends have been mixed with other, less tasty varieties.

It's actually considered a crime to try and sell Kona blends as one hundred percent Kona coffee. Companies have been sued for this in the past.

Why Is 100% Kona coffee The Best?

The simple answer – taste.

If you want that heavenly blend of rich, creamy flavor you will pay more for 100% Kona coffee.

Kona blends are merely imitations of what a pure brew can be. They don't taste nearly as rich as 100% Kona coffee. If you care about taste, you will choose the latter.

Best 100% Kona coffee To Buy

There are many imitations of Kona coffee out on the market. If you want to buy true Kona coffee online, check out the following:

  • Koa Coffee Peaberry Medium Roast Whole Bean 100% Kona coffee
  • Koa Coffee Medium Roast Whole Bean Kona Tri-Pack
  • Volcanica Hawaiian Extra Fancy Kona Coffee

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