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Aloha! E komo mai (Welcome) to our ohana (family) at Buddha's Cup!

At Buddha's Cup, our story is one deeply rooted in passion and dedication. Our journey began in 2004 when we introduced Buddha's Cup coffee to the world. Each of our five farms, spread across over 80 acres, possesses a unique terroir (Aina) that contributes to the flavors found in our single estates.

Whether the coffee is shade-grown under Macadamia Nut or Ohia trees or basks in the full sun, the growing conditions across our farms produce a variety of the highest quality Kona Coffee.

So what sets Kona coffee apart?

It's a culmination of nature's gifts and our expertise. Kona's unique microclimate, fertile soil, and ideal elevation contribute to the quality of our beans. At Buddha's Cup, we cherish the Hawaiian term Ono, meaning delicious. And that’s exactly what these beans offer! A delicious, rich, and smooth flavor profile with a hint of sweetness.

From the moment our cherries are hand-picked to the careful drying process, our farmers and processors ensure that only the finest beans make it into your cup. Every batch of coffee is an opportunity to share our love for Kona's exceptional flavors and culture. We also practice art through roasting! The roasting process is a delicate balance of time, temperature, and expertise.

Here, our award-winning status is a testament to our dedication to producing the finest roasted Kona coffee. We believe that coffee is not just a beverage; it is an experience that should be savored and enjoyed.

Over the years, we have received recognition for our exceptional Kona coffee. We have won awards from the Kona Coffee Cupping Contest, Hawaiian Cupping Contest (HCA), the AVPA-Paris contest, Olymp Awards, and the World Coffee Challenge. Here are some of our notable achievements:

Each of these awards have only continued to fuel our passion to deliver the finest Kona coffee experience to our customers!

Moreover, the ultimate joy of our coffee lies in the extraordinary taste and aroma it offers. With each sip, you'll be transported to the lush slopes of the Kona region, where our beans are nurtured by the tropical Hawaiian climate.

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We hope this journey through our world has given you a deeper appreciation for our award-winning Kona coffee. It's an Ono (delicious) and Nani (beautiful) experience that defines the essence of Kona. From our humble beginnings to the heights of excellence, we are grateful for the support of our customers, like you!

Mahalo nui loa (Thank you very much) and A hui hou (Until we meet again)!

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What makes Kona coffee so special compared to other types of coffee?

The unique microclimate of the Kona region in Hawaii, characterized by rich volcanic soil, ideal elevation, and a combination of sunshine and rainfall, creates the perfect conditions for coffee cultivation. The hand-picked Arabica beans from this region offer a distinct flavor profile, with a smooth, balanced taste and notes of chocolate, caramel, and tropical fruit.

How does Buddha's Cup ensure the freshness and quality of its Kona coffee?

We cultivate our coffee on our own estates, allowing us to have complete control over the growing, harvesting, and processing stages. Our cherries are carefully hand-picked at the peak of ripeness to ensure optimal flavor. Following harvesting, we use various processing methods, such as natural or washed, to bring out the unique characteristics of the beans. Additionally, we roast our coffee in small batches to maintain freshness and preserve the delicate flavors.

Can I visit Buddha's Cup and experience the Kona coffee journey in person?

Absolutely! We welcome visitors to experience the journey of our award-winning Kona coffee firsthand. Our Five-Farm Plantation Visitor Center offers a unique Plantation Tour, where you can witness the entire coffee production process, from the thriving coffee trees to the meticulous harvesting and processing methods. You'll have the opportunity to explore our estates, learn about the history and heritage of Kona coffee, and indulge in a tasting experience that showcases the amazing flavors of Kona coffee.