Buddha’s Cup Tea Wins Three Awards at AVPA Paris 2022

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We are excited to announce that three of our teas won awards at the “Teas of the World” contest, organized by the Agency for Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA). This annual contest strives to recognize the gastronomic value of herbal teas, exceeding the usual consumption of tea sachet products.

In this article, we will give a brief background of the AVPA Paris 2022 content, as well as the awards that Buddha’s Sanctuary LLC received this year!

Buddha Sancutary LLC Award-Winning Tea

Manny’s Brew White Tea With Mint: Bronze Award in the category of scented tea blends unflavored. This tea blend is now a 3x bronze award winner!
Green Tea: Gourmet Award in the category of green tea without category.

Matcha Green Tea Powder: Gourmet Award in the category of powdered green tea.

More About the AVPA Teas of the World Competition

The Teas of the World Competition is organized in two distinct parts, one being monovarietal teas with various subcategories depending on the preparation of the leaves. The second part is herbal teas, blends and flavored teas.

The AVPA capitalizes on the health benefits of herbal tea, as well as the flavor and method of production. This contest strives to shed light on quality made and high-grade tea blends from the global marketplace. By welcoming teas made from non-classical origins, consumers are able to discover new brands and tea production styles from around the world.

The market for tea and herbal tea is set to grow gradually every year, so it’s great that the AVPA works to highlight industry leaders and tea blends that might be beneficial to tea connoisseurs or beginner tea enjoyers alike.

We are honored to have Buddha’s Sanctuary LLC be acknowledged at the AVPA contest this year! Our team deeply prides itself on creating sustainable and award-winning tea and coffee blends.

More information about the AVPA Teas of the World Contest can be found here.

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