Why Single-origin Coffee is Better for You

border Why Single-origin Coffee is Better for YouWhy Single-origin Coffee is Better for You

What Is Single-Origin Coffee?

Single-origin. The name alone signals to those in the know that the coffee is top-notch. It’s common knowledge that single-origin brews often carry top tier price tags, but we think it’s essential that you know exactly what you’re buying and why spending the extra money is worth your while.

Single-origin refers to the location that the beans are produced and harvested. Their singular, traceable source means that, unlike blended coffees, there is only one producer. Because we know exactly where the beans come from, it is easier to hold producers to the highest industry standard.

Because of this level of accountability and transparency, you’re bound to get the highest quality from your coffee. The producer stands behind their product, and there is no confusion about where or how the beans are grown.

Unique and Special

Single-origin coffees are well known as specialty products. Typically produced in small batches, or on small farms, their single-source origin makes identification simple. You can often find the information on the product bag itself, because each coffee’s origin story is remarkable, and needs to be told.

With single-origin coffee, you can trace your beans back to the country, region, and even farm where they were grown. Their exclusivity and the care that goes into their cultivation is what makes single-origin beans so distinctive.

The craftsmanship that goes into producing these beans has a direct link to the quality of taste and flavor. The beans, their characteristics, and their character, are perfectly unique to the region where they’re grown. When you invest in single-origin, you can know you’re getting the very best.

Our Single-origin Story

Kona coffee, for which Buddha’s Cup is internationally known and loved, is exceptional because it comes from a particular place. Our beans are specially cultivated with a location on the west side of the Big Island of Hawaii.

The mountain’s elevation, nutrient-rich soil, ideal sun exposure, and insulated microclimate are ideal for producing a perfectly heady, aromatic cup of coffee. The volcanic soil is instrumental in cultivating the incredible aroma and palate of Kona coffee.

When you buy Buddha’s Cup, you can sip, savor, and celebrate the spirit of Hawaii with every cup you brew. Subscribe to our coffee of the month club today, and you’ll never be far away from the best single-origin cup you’ve ever had.