To Your Health: Science Backs the Health Benefits of Coffee

border To Your Health: Science Backs the Health Benefits of CoffeeTo Your Health: Science Backs the Health Benefits of Coffee

Who doesn’t love starting the day with a nice, hot cup of coffee? Coffee is one of the most widely-consumed beverages in the world, and as it turns out, there’s a good reason for it. Believe it or not, drinking coffee comes with a long list of amazing health benefits you probably weren’t aware of!

Five Top Health Benefits of Coffee

  1. 1. Coffee is Packed with Antioxidants

    The same kinds of dietary antioxidants found in fruit and vegetables are also in coffee. Coffee is proven to boost the body’s plasma carotenoids, which contribute to antioxidant defense.

    Out of all the dietary items analyzed in the study, it was coffee that took the gold for antioxidant action, coming out well ahead of fruits and berries, tea, wine, cereals, and vegetables. The study found that an average daily intake of approximately 16 ounces provides around 66 percent of all the antioxidants you need to stay healthy and well.

  2. 2. Coffee Protects From Cardiovascular Disease

    Compared to non-coffee-drinkers, the British Medical Journal found that those who enjoy around three cups of coffee a day experience, among other benefits, a significantly lower risk of mortality from a variety of heart conditions. For example, they saw a 19 percent lower mortality rate from cardiovascular disease, 16 percent less coronary heart disease, and 30 percent lower stroke incidence.

  3. 3. Coffee and The Fight Against Cancer

    Is coffee a miracle beverage? It might just be! In a study published by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention found that regular coffee drinkers who consume between one and four cups a day have a noticeably decreased risk of cancer in the head and neck.

    Meanwhile, a 20-year study found that the rate of aggressive prostate cancer was lowered by 60 percent, and the risk of liver cancer by 41 percent. Some studies also show that everyone’s favorite brew helps protect against endometrial cancers, thyroid cancers, and melanoma.

  4. 4. Coffee Prevents Liver Scarring

    In addition to lowering the risk of cancer, it seems that coffee has other benefits for your liver as well. Research shows that drinking coffee prevents liver scarring, reducing the risk of cirrhosis and other liver diseases. In fact, coffee consumption may even be an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining a healthy liver. Both regular and decaf drinkers were found to have lower levels of abnormal enzymes in their livers.

  5. 5. Coffee Might Improve Diabetes

    Research shows that there may be a connection between consuming coffee and an improved ability to process glucose. Regular coffee drinkers are 30 percent less likely to develop type 2 diabetes—that is if those cups aren’t loaded up with tons of cream and sugar.

Drink Coffee for Your Health! In conclusion, the general consensus among scientists is that, yes indeed, coffee is associated with a lower risk of mortality. It’s good news for coffee lovers because all we need to do is keep on doing what we love! It’s much more than just a daily ritual to start the day; coffee is an essential component of good health and mental wellbeing.

Researchers are still hunting for evidence about the magic ingredients that make coffee so beneficial. But until those answers are found, sit back, relax, and savor the delicious taste of Buddha’s Cup. Shop our award-winning 100 percent Kona coffees today.